End of Term

See below for a letter from your Exec team.


Dear Robson,

The MLSA Executive is here to highlight some of the great things we’ve all done this year. Despite the amount of challenge and change we’ve all had to deal with, our family here at Robson Hall have made the most of the time we’ve had together. Reconnecting with each other in social and professional settings alike has been great after our forced time apart. Though there are many great initiatives on the horizon, we think it’s important to take stock of where we’ve been.

At the top of this, we need to point out that none of this is possible without the fantastic work that our committees and volunteers have done.

This has been a transitional year of sorts, and a turbulent one at that. Despite the challenges of COVID and a university-wide labour action, our student body and leadership have shown the resilience and long-term view needed to navigate the situation. The return to the classroom is still on track, and despite that, we’ve forged great connections with each other at events and through initiatives like:

  • Getting MLSA Committees filled with those looking to make a positive impact, as well as the election of bright new faces in our Class Reps and MLSA Councillors and Officers
  • A Meet-and-Greet for the Class of 2024 to make some early connection
  • Orientation’s week of virtual and physical programming of getting to know all of you and bringing multiple years of Robson Hall back together for the first time in over a year
  • Reviving the Community Outreach Committee with a new balanced approach to giving back to our shared communities 
  • The Academic Committee helping cohorts new and old be the best law students they can be
  • Virtual MLSA meetings that welcome everyone to come find out what’s happening at the school 
  • Working diligently on EDI across Robson Hall with faculty Deanship, in both the short- and long-term
  • Ensuring as much as possible is in place from the student perspective for a smooth Winter Term return 
  • Creating a gorgeous new website to hold it all together

And much more! This post would be 10,000 words if we had the time to talk about everything great we’ve all accomplished this year. That said, we would be remiss to not mention how proud we are of what we have done together.

On behalf of all MLSA members, our Executive wishes you a happy holiday season, and a thank you for being you – the amazing student, professional, and go-getter that you are.


Michael, Narayan, Alexis, and Kelsey

(Your 2021/2022 MLSA Executive)