Human Rights Speakers Bureau

What is it?: The Centre for Human Rights Research established the Speakers Bureau to assist grade 7-12 teachers with educating their students on constitutional and human rights issues, and to provide Robson Hall students with an opportunity to connect with their local community in a meaningful way.  

Why Volunteer?: Our presentations help teachers fulfill curriculum requirements, including Social Studies (particularly with respect to First Nations), History, Global Issues, and Law.  They also provide an opportunity for law students to gain a deeper understanding of Constitutional Law, Aboriginal Rights, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Speakers Bureau Coordinator canvasses schools and teachers who would like a volunteer to come speak to their class, and student volunteers sign up for presentations as they become available.  Pre-existing presentations are available, however volunteers are encouraged to tailor their presentations to meet the needs of the individual teacher and their class. Volunteers often design presentations that discuss recent Supreme Court decisions addressing Canadian law on a teacher’s chosen subject. Volunteers who complete a minimum of 2 presentations in an academic year are eligible for recognition on their University of Manitoba Co-Curricular Record. 

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