Law Journals

What is it?: Robson Hall is home to multiple journal publications, including: The Manitoba Law Journal, The Asper Review, and The Canadian Journal of Human Rights. Each law journal publishes excellent peer-reviewed articles relating to its topic of expertise. Students are often able to volunteer with the journals, submit their work to be published, or work as student editors during the summer months. Employment prospects and the contact person will vary per law journal.

Why Join?: Volunteering or working with one of Robson Hall’s law journals is an excellent way to improve your critical communication skills – particularly your research, writing, and editing abilities. Students are also able to gain deep knowledge and insight into a particular area of the law; whether it is criminal, human rights, or business law related!

Asper Review

What is it?: The Asper Review provides articles that focus on developments within public and private law, with a specific focus on economics and geo-politics. Contact our Student Editors for more information!

Head Student Editor: Shira Brand –

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Canadian Journal of Human Rights (CJHR)

What is it?: The CJHR is a peer-reviewed journal that explores human rights law, humanitarian policy, and any relevant concerns within the field. The CJHR utilizes liberal and social science submissions, as well as legal scholarship. 

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Manitoba Law Journal (MLJ)

What is it?: The MLJ provides high quality commentary and analysis on legal events in Manitoba and highlights the diverse perspective of its authors. The MLJ is made up of different dimensions, each with its own regular special issue. Some of these include Underneath the Golden Boy, a special Criminal Law issue, and more. 

Head Student Editor: Brooke Mowatt –

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Robson Crim Legal Blog

What is it?: Robson Crim is a criminal law research hub that receives contributions from all over Canada. The focus of Robson Crim is on current criminal law issues and research that is easily accessible for everyone. 

Get in touch: Visit the Robson Crim website and head to the ‘Contact Robson Crim’ for any questions or concerns. 

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