Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC)

What is it?: Pro Bono Students Canada is a national pro bono organization with Chapters at 22 law schools across the country. Our mission is to provide free legal support to people and communities facing barriers to justice. PBSC matches law student volunteers to partner organizations to provide free legal support to people and communities facing barriers to justice. Volunteering with PBSC is open to first-, second-, and third-year law students. 

Why Volunteer?: PBSC community placements allow students to gain valuable hands-on experience working in either clinical or research related legal work aimed at promoting access to justice while under the supervision of lawyers from local law firms. These projects can range from research memos, creating plain language legal documents, clinical placements and more. Volunteers with PBSC work with over 20 community partners including Legal Help Centre, Public Interest Law Centre, Community Legal Education Association, Winnipeg Food Council, Ka Ni Kanichihk, and more. With PBSC, students will have the chance to engage with multiple legal areas, ranging from poverty, administrative, housing, environmental, copyright, human rights, access to justice and many more. 

Get in touch: The PBSC Coordinators are Ashley Bains and Kevin Tabachnick. Please feel free to email any time throughout the year for more information regarding recruitment and volunteering with PBSC. Our email is the best way to contact us – we are very responsive!

How to Volunteer?: PBSC Volunteer Placements are posted in September. These placements detail the type of project, who the project is for, an overview of the project, and the areas of law the placement engages with. Applications are sent out with the postings and are due in September as well, with placements starting in October. Exact dates change year to year, but PBSC will email all students prior to each important recruitment date as well as post on our social media and the MLSA Facebook page. 

Coordinators: Ashley Bains & Tyson Priebe



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