U of M Comunity Law Centre (UMCLC)

What is it?: The University of Manitoba Community Law Centre is an independent Legal Aid office that is staffed exclusively by Robson Hall students, and overseen by a supervising attorney. Students have the opportunity to volunteer and manage their own cases. The vast majority of cases deal with criminal law matters. Potential volunteers must have successfully completed 1L before they can start with the UMCLC. 

Why Volunteer?: Volunteering with the UMCLC provides one of the best practical legal experiences to Robson Hall students; particularly those interested in working within the criminal law field. Volunteers learn critical skills like how to communicate with clients, analyze a case, navigate the court system, and manage their caseload (to name just a few)! 4 student supervisors are hired each summer to manage provincial circuit courts and assist the UMCLC volunteers. Both volunteering and working with the UMCLC are significant advantages when looking for an articling position in criminal law. 

Get in touch: The student supervisors are the best people to contact if you’d like to know more about volunteering, working as a supervisor, or just want to chat about criminal law. If you want to know more or you’re a current volunteer with a case question, feel free to send any of the supervisors an email or Facebook message. All 4 supervisors would love to hear from you!  

How to Volunteer?: The UMCLC’s ability to take new volunteers is dependent on its current caseload. The UMCLC will be looking for 5 new volunteers during the upcoming 2021 Fall semester. Because of the high demand for these positions, it is likely interviews will be conducted and successful candidates chosen by the UMCLC’s supervising attorney. Interested students should be on the lookout for a call for volunteers sent to your school email! 

Student Supervisors:

Ashley Anderson – ander160@myumanitoba.ca 

Devan Reid – reidd2@myumanitoba.ca 

Kayleigh Robertson – robert75@myumanitoba.ca 

Patrick Gutowski – gutowskp@myumanitoba.ca 

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