Don’t worry, we’ll break the ice. Meet your 2022-2023 MLSA below.

Meet the Team

The MLSA is made up of hardworking representatives who bring new ideas, expertise and diversity to the Robson student body. Each person works within a specific role, allowing students to not only build their knowledge, but to also bring their unique perspective to the MLSA. The MLSA includes the elected Executive, elected Representatives, and non-elected Members. To be introduced to your MLSA team for the 2022-2023 year, click below!


The MLSA includes multiple Committees that specialize in specific focus areas. Each Committee is led by a Committee Chair and is made up of members who volunteer their time to spearhead projects, provide student resources, and much more. The Chairs and members are chosen by the incoming Execs each year. To learn more about our Committees, their focus, and how to join them, click below!