Meet Allison

The Marcus Tullius Cicero

(A.K.A. MLSA's Senate Rep)

Allison is a 3L student at Robson Hall and is always available to chat about university & Senate matters, feminism, and her dog. Allison is also the Chair of both the Accessibility Committee and the Feminist Legal Forum for the 2021/22 year. Prior to law school, Allison completed her BA at the U of M and was (and continues to be) involved in various anti-violence, gender equity, and mental health initiatives ranging from university groups, national advisory committees, and not-for-profits. In her free time, she loves to binge-listen to podcasts, hug her dog, and spend time at the lake. 

The University of Manitoba Senate is the academic decision-making body at the university, responsible for overseeing awards, research, admissions, appeals, etc. The Robson Hall Senator serves to represent the MLSA’s interests in the Senate and acts as a liaison for matters that pertain to law students.

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