Meet Seth!

The Administrative Maestro

(A.K.A. Governance Coordinator)

Seth (they/them) is a 3L student at Robson Hall, as well as your Governance Coordinator. In this role, Seth will assist the MLSA in being as organized and transparent with the student body as possible. Reach out to Seth with questions about MLSA meetings, minutes, policies, motions, committee reports, and any other administrative matters.
Seth is a passionate advocate for marginalized communities, focusing on access to justice through an intersectional lens. They are currently part of the Outlaws Executive team, the Project Lead for the Trans ID Clinic, and a member of Robson’s EDI Committee. 
Seth values community connection and is excited to meet with students to hear about their experiences at Robson. Their goal in the MLSA is to ensure that all students feel welcome, valued, and supported.

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