Meet Brayden

The Socialite

(A.K.A. MLSA's VP Internal)

Brayden is a 3rd year Métis student at Robson Hall, and your 2022-2023 Vice-President Internal (VPI). As VPI, he is responsible for the Accessibility, Grad, Social, Spirit, and Sports Committees, the various Robson Student Groups, and advocating for students within the MLSA.

Law was not always his passion—an honours graduate and gold medalist of the Criminal Justice program at the University of Winnipeg, Brayden diverted from a path of Arts to law following legal courses in criminal justice. Although forever holding an interest in criminal law matters, he has decided to pursuit a career in civil litigation. As part of his Robson Hall career, Brayden has served on the Clinical Experience Committee, has been an editor (and this year senior editor!) for the Canadian Journal of Human Rights, and volunteered with Pro Bono Students Canada. He has served in many capacities in all the faculties he has been a part of, as he enjoys serving and giving back to the community. He is honoured to have been elected to continue to do so as your VPI.

Outside of Robson, Brayden can be found both coaching and playing soccer, driving to Saskatoon to spend time with his fiancée, staring at his guitars wondering if he should brush up, or spending time with the various friends he has made in law school.

His door is always open, and he is happy to speak with any students regarding anything law. He would like to emphasize that his duty is to advocate for students, and that he wants to hear your questions and concerns. You can likely find him in the MLSA office on the 100 floor, and if not, he is always available for an email. Most importantly, Brayden is excited to foster and enhance the community at Robson, making the return to in-person what we have all been waiting for.

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