Meet Kelsey

The Socialite

(A.K.A. MLSA's VP Internal)

Kelsey Thain (she/her) is a third-year student at Robson Hall and she is your Vice-President Internal for the 2021-2022 Year. As your VPI, Kelsey is responsible for the Accessibility, Grad, Social, Spirit, and Sports Committees, the Student Groups, and advocating for student interests within the MLSA. 

At Robson Hall, Kelsey has served on the Social Committee and has been an avid member of the Curling League. She always wanted to go to law school and Robson Hall has exceeded her expectations. She is so excited to give back to the community as your VPI! 

Outside of school, Kelsey can be found trying her best on the golf course, re-watching The Office for the millionth time, or on a patio enjoying a Caesar with friends! Kelsey loves to chat about all things Robson Hall or otherwise, so feel free to message her on Facebook, Instagram, or stop her in the hall once we are back inside the walls of Robson! 

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