Meet Michelle

The Moderator

(A.K.A. MLSA's Part-Time Students Rep)

Hey folks. My name is Michelle Cielen (she/her) and I am excited to be your Part-time Student Representative for the 2022/23 academic.

Prior to law, I studied Environmental Chemistry and worked in marine research as a Scientific Diver for the United Nations Environment Programme. After several years of living out of a back-pack, I finally grew homesick and decided it was time for a new challenge – a stable and landlocked career in law. If you are a fellow water baby or science geek like me, let’s nerd out together over random facts! It’s hard to grasp what part-time law school is like unless you’ve lived it.

Now that I’m on the other side, about to start my final year as a part-time student, I’m happy to share my experience with those of you who are also studying part-time, or considering if the switch is right for you. Law school can take a lot out of you. There’s not just financial cost. There’s emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social costs that can add up and feel overwhelming. I think it’s really important to plan ahead and think about how best to balance the obligations in your life, even if that means taking a little more time to graduate.

I am happy to chat anytime about your experience here as a student. Let me know how I can help you, and we’ll figure it out together.

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