Meet Narayan

The Money Man

(A.K.A. MLSA's VP Finance)

Narayan is a 3L student at Robson Hall. As VPF, Narayan keeps everything running smoothly for the MLSA. This involves managing the books, keeping the money flowing, and working closely with the other 3 Execs to build the Robson Hall community. Narayan is passionate about broadening the MLSA’s horizons to include firms and events that match everyone’s interests.

Narayan came to Robson Hall after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Analysis at Mount Royal University in Calgary. In his spare time, Narayan likes snowboarding, golf, and cooking. If we’re lucky, he may even feed us at some of the meetings! Please reach out to Narayan if you would like to argue with him about money (but no Tesla stock talks).

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