Meet Jayden

The Innovation Instigator

(A.K.A. MLSA's Strategic Initiatives Advisor)

Hi everyone, my name is Jayden Wlasichuk, I am in my third year, and I am so excited to be your MLSA president this year! In my role as president, I also assume the position of Strategic Initiatives Advisor (SIA) with the Strategic Advisory Committee.
The Strategic Initiatives Advisor (SIA) is responsible for formulating, developing, and executing objectives to advance the interests of Robson Hall and its students.
Collaboration is at the core of the SIA’s role. The SIA works closely with key stakeholders, including faculty members, administrative staff, students, alumni, and external partners, to identify and prioritize strategic initiatives that align with Robson Hall’s mission and vision.
I love meeting other students, so if you ever have any questions, please reach out or stop by the MLSA office- we are YOUR MLSA!

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