Animal Rights Forum

For those who are passionate about protecting the most vulnerable.

What is it?: The Animal Rights Forum is a student group at Robson Hall that aims to examine, discuss, and promote animal rights and welfare issues in the field of law and within the legal community. 

Why Join?: Animal rights and welfare issues touch on a wide range of legal areas and are especially important in Manitoba. As animal rights issues attract more public attention in the years to come, this group is a great first step to provide you with an understanding of animals and the law that may assist you in your legal practice in the future. We bring in speakers from a wide variety of fields including non-profit CEOs, veterinary experts, sociologists, philosophers, legal experts, lawyers and others. Animal law is the new frontier of legal research and justice. As fields such as genetic engineering and animal-to-human organ transplantation become real possibilities in the medical field, leaders of national and global communities will look to lawyers and advocates to help determine the path through this unknown terrain. Our group offers the opportunity to discuss these strange questions of the 21st century.

How to Join?: To join the ARF please request access to join our Facebook group, which can be found below. A membership fee of $5 may be charged to members to finance the costs of running the group. However, no fee will be charged for the 2021-2022 year. 

We currently have one available opening to join our executive team as the Charity & Event Organizer. Responsibilities include organizing and promoting two charity fundraisers ran by ARF throughout the school year to support organizations that seek to promote animal rights and welfare within the community. If you are interested in applying for this position, please send an email to the ARF President along with a resume and brief description of why you want to join the ARF executive team.

Contact: Matthew London —

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