Christian Legal Fellowship

For those seeking faith-based connections and support.

What is it?: We are a group of Christian law students who come together to provide encouragement, support, community, and meaningful connections at Robson Hall.

Why Join?: The demands of law school pose unique challenges for anyone. We are Robson Hall Christian Legal Fellowship, a group of Christian law students who come together to provide support, community, and mentorship. We are a part of a larger community called Christian Legal Fellowship (CLF) – Canada’s national association of Christian lawyers and law students, which has a membership of over 700 law students, lawyers, professors, retired judges, and more. 

Some of our activities include: 

  • Regular devotionals and prayer with law students and lawyers
  • Networking events with local CLF lawyers
  • Practical tips for finding wellness and balance in law school and legal practice
  • Exploring religious pluralism in a democratic society 
  • Engaging with faith and law on campus 

How to Join?: Find us on Facebook as “CLF Robson Hall” or send us an email. Also feel free to contact any of the Executives directly by email or Facebook. There is no membership fee. Join Robson Hall CLF at any time!

Contact: Chris Dick –  or

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