Criminal Law Group

For those who know it’s more complicated than Law & Order makes it seem.

What is it?: The Robson Hall Criminal Law Group (CLG) aims to connect law students to the practice of criminal law. This group strives to create a community amongst those who wish to learn more about criminal law; and highlight both the Crown and Defence perspectives.

Why Join?: The CLG provides opportunities to network with practicing lawyers and judges in the field and by hosting events with speakers from the criminal law community. The group traditionally hosts a dynamic workshop on advocacy where students are introduced to direct and cross examination techniques by some of Winnipeg’s best criminal lawyers. Make sure to also attend the CLG’s “Crime and Cheese”, which provides an unparalleled experience to mingle, network (and drink wine!) with the large array of Winnipeg’s criminal lawyers and judges. If you want to make valuable networking connections with criminal practitioners in Winnipeg, this is the group for you. We hope to see you at our events!

How to Join: Feel free to message the members of the CLG executive or find us at “Robson Hall – Criminal Law Group” on Facebook. 

Contact: Tan Ciyiltepe

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