Robson Hall Debate Society

For those who don’t cry when they argue.

What is it?: The Robson Hall Debate Society is a student group that is focused on developing students debating, public speaking and advocacy skills within the legal field.

Why Join?: Debating is a critical skill for many new lawyers. It enhances public speaking by developing confidence and improving style. It allows you to practice arguing either side of an argument, even when you don’t agree with your position. We host meetings where students can watch their classmates debate or give it a try themselves! We additionally give lessons on how to improve debate speeches and host sessions on the fundamentals of debating, public speaking, and mooting. Participation will give you a cutting edge in your public speaking and analytical abilities, both in class and in legal practice.

How to Join?: The Debate Society is open to all law students attending Robson Hall. We invite all students to join our Facebook page.

We will be looking for a 1L Representative to join our team. More updates will be posted on our Facebook page regarding the application process, so stay tuned! For more info, please contact Chris Dick.

Contact: Chris Dick –

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