Health & Elder Law

For those who are passionate about prioritizing health.

What is it?: This group focuses on legal issues that concern the health of individuals, the operation of our health care system, and challenges that affect the aging population; such as preparing the elderly for long-term care options or appropriate financial planning.

Why Join?: Students at Robson Hall will get the opportunity to be exposed to the area of Health and Elder law through this group. Students will be able to learn about the issues that arise within these areas and how they are resolved by hearing from guest speakers. Becoming a part of this group will allow students to learn the importance of this area within the Canadian legal system, and how they can practice in these areas. 

How to Join?: Anyone can join the group! To join or learn more, please email Chashan Brar. We encourage students to come out to a meeting in the upcoming year and learn about the area of Health and Elder law!

We will also be seeking new members to join our executive team. We are looking for a Treasurer, Secretary and a 1L representative. For each position, we ask applicants to provide an interest letter and why they want to be a part of the executive team for the Health and Elder Law group. We also encourage members to add funny memes at the end of their interest letter!

President: Chashan Brar – 

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