Robson Hall Jets

For those taking the long road to the NHL.

What is it?: The Robson Hall Jets have long been a pillar within the Robson Hall community. The events we host (the CBC Social, the CBC) as well as weekly skates at the Winnipeg Winter Club bring Robson colleagues together in a fun, informal environment to forge relationships and create memories that last a lifetime!

Why Join?: The Robson Hall Jets provide a way for Robson students to keep active from September to March, while providing the added benefit of bringing participants together in a social setting. The RHJ’s are partnered with the Manitoba Law Hockey League (“the Law League”), which plays out of the Winnipeg Winter Club (“WWC”). The Law League provides student participants with the opportunity to network and build meaningful connections with members of the Winnipeg legal community. 

How to Join?: Be on the lookout for a Facebook post and email in September which will outline the steps on how to join RH Jets! An application form will be made available to fill out and be returned to one of the Executive members. Interested persons must participate to be eligible for the Law League draft and to be able to play at the CBC tournament later in the year. 

RH Jets is also looking for students to join its Executive team in the roles of Vice President, Secretary, and a General Executive Member. Interested students should contact President Liam Menec by email. 

President: Liam Menec – 

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