Robson Hall Law Symposium

For those who are passionate about our legal roots.

What is it?: Robson Hall Law Symposium is a group where students have the chance to learn and present on topics regarding the historical and philosophical roots of the law; as well as debate these topics in a respectful environment.

Why Join?: Students can improve their presentation skills if they choose to speak on a topic of interest, and learn about the philosophical underpinnings that are still found in the law today. Students are also able to discuss and debate with each other about the law. 

How to Join?: All students are welcome to join us on our Facebook page at “Robson Hall Law Symposium”. Interested students can also contact any of the Executive members by email to join or learn more about the group!

Executive Team:

Sebastian Burachynsky – 

Luke Young – 

Mark Packulak –

Brandon Gray –

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