RH Mental Health Group

For those who are passionate about providing support.

What is it?: A student group dedicated to promoting awareness of and support for the mental health and wellbeing of Robson Hall students.

Why Join?: Law school and the legal profession are stressful environments in which mental illness and other mental health problems thrive. The Robson Hall Mental Health Group’s goal is to ensure that Robson Hall students’ mental health needs are met. This goal is pursued by promoting a deeper understanding of and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health issues, raising awareness of the prevalence of mental health problems amongst members of the legal profession, and assisting students in finding supports for their mental health needs. The Mental Health Group hosts several events and guest speakers throughout the year and develops projects to encourage discussion of topics related to mental health.

How to Join?: To become a member of the Robson Hall Mental Health Group, please contact any one of the executives and let us know why you would like to join! 

Executive Team: 

Co-President: Jamie Robertson — rober156@myumanitoba.ca

Co-President: Sipy Brar — brars349@myumanitoba.ca

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