About the MLSA

What is the MLSA?

The Manitoba Law Students Association (MLSA for short!) is made up of all students at Robson Hall. We are led by an Executive, elected Representatives, student Committees, non-voting Officers, and you! The MLSA fosters student leadership in academics, professional development, and more. The MLSA also encourages and provides numerous ways to get involved in the Robson community through volunteering, social events, and community outreach. The MLSA is dedicated to advocating for the interests of all students at Robson Hall.

Our Vision

We envision a Robson Hall that feels like home. Our desire is for a community that feels welcoming, prioritizes student wellbeing, and encourages us to thrive together and support one another. Our ambition is an atmosphere that facilitates growth — one that forges new opportunities for students to gain experience, knowledge, and feel secure in their future.

Our Mission

We know our vision starts with us. At the MLSA, we strive to diversify our community and create opportunities for every student. This means fiercely advocating for student interests within academic and Faculty policies, expanding networking and articling opportunities, and fostering an approachable social environment for Robsonites. We also provide access to information that students need; through mental health resources, tailored survival guides, and much more. Our goal is to advocate, inform, and support.


The Manitoba Indigenous Law Students Association is an inclusive group of Indigenous law students that creates opportunities for Indigenous students while giving back to our communities. 

Membership in MILSA is open to all ethnicities, cultures, and identities. Voting rights within MILSA are held exclusively by self-identifying Indigenous students within the Faculty of Law at Robson Hall.

Our Governance

The MLSA is officially governed by elected representatives. Elections are held in Spring for the following year. The MLSA is also made up of non-voting Officers and Committees who work in specialized areas, speak in meetings, and keep the MLSA running smoothly.

If you’d like to know more about each role and the students holding them, please head to our ‘Meet the Team’ page for full descriptions and bios. To learn more about how the MLSA is governed, check out our Constitution or browse through meeting minutes. If you’re looking to run for election (yay democracy!), please check here for the necessary forms and policies.